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the amazing world of

artistic bonsai

Bonsai is more than just creating miniaturised tree. With a little imagination and creativity you can transform it into an amazing hobby and give a new meaning to bonsai.

Bonsai is an art form. It is a work of art of an individual expression. Each bonsai artist has his or her own interest in creating bonsai. I would like to share with you my creations.

Open your heart and mind and take on an exciting journey into the world of artistic bonsai.


Click below and explore the many facets of bonsai

A Healthy Hobby for Everyone

Bonsai is one of the great gardening pastimes of today. It is healthy, refreshing and relaxing. It is also therapeutic and one of the ways to help you unwind in today’s hectic lifestyles

Plus Free Seeds

A step by step guide to  bonsai

Bonsai...have you always wanted to pick up this hobby but do not know how. Then, this is what this bonsai cd is all about. 

Turn your garden plants into bonsai.

A journey of fun and adventure

Bonsai is not just about creating miniature trees. It an art that involves a host of gardening techniques, disciplines and creative flair that adds beauty and styles to the tree.

Introducing Wrightia

Wrightia is one of the most versatile and hardy plants for bonsai. It is unique can be used to create all kinds of styles.

Turn your garden plants into beautiful bonsai or landscape garden. It’s easy and there are so many bonsai styles you can create.

Live Chinese dragon bonsai

See the world’s only dragon bonsai collection in the House of Little Dragons.

Novelty Bonsai

See the world’s only animal bonsai collection. It is a great attraction especially among kids. It is also a great tool to expose them into bonsai when young.

Miniture And ThumbBonsai

Small is cute. See the world’s smallest and largest collection of mini and micro bonsai of less than an inch.


Bonsai Gallery

A showcase for your bonsai creations. This is the place for you to display your bonsai creations to the world.


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